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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Here and Now

I love my engineering husband so very much.
I am a treasure finder and keeper you see. He is a linear thinker and likes things stream lined. Not saying either way is correct or wrong, simply wondering why it is so hard for either of us to think the opposite way!?

The point I am trying to make is that creativity comes as waves. Think about lying in the warm blue ocean.

As gentle waves ripple here and there on some days, you can easily swim in any direction.

On the other hand, during stormy days, when creativity is at its height and inspiration is rolling in, the waves crash on you and all you can do is just roll with it.

Creativity is a joy!

A special way to live.

We artists put our personal thoughts and our vulnerabilities into our creations. Some artists, (like me), hoard treasures that will be in future projects. Just as we cannot predict and tame the sea, I cannot predict when I will have my creative storm and use that found object.

So I say to artists and engineers alike...make peace! You cannot push the engineer into the water and make him swim nor can you call the artist out of the water onto dry land when the sirens of creativity call!