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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here I go...

I am finally starting to blog about my art. First I think I must cut my long finger nails because I keep on misspelling words. Though I do think my tired brain has something to do with it!

My goal is to be a designer for companies and get their product out there. Which will be a learning process because I am an old-fashioned girl who needs to get up to speed and be on the computer more!

This is a card I did for the Scrap-n-book store. I did every other month designs for them. Two single layouts or one double, two cards, and one project. I enjoyed doing it and luckily got chosen to do it again this year! Which I should be working on it now...

I love this lady I found in an old magazine ad. She is elegant but in such a fretful state!

She must really be missing her friend!


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